The Message

I want to present you with a new version of reality.  However, there is never anything truly “new” in this world.  All ideas have appeared at some time in the past, even if they were never noted in history.  So I don’t pretend that I have made any breakthrough, only perhaps a “remembering.”

I will be bringing forward a lot of ideas in rapid-fire succession in this short summary in order to develop the basis for this new theory of reality, so I understand if it is overwhelming.  But sometimes it’s better to just lay out the basics, rather than to meander around and try to stretch out, and as a result obfuscate, the underlying concepts.  So here goes…



Our reality—the earth, the universe, other dimensions, multi-verses, …, and the after life—is contained within a sphere of existence whose governing premise is duality.  The purpose of our sphere of existence is to experience duality to the utmost.  Duality is comprised of spectrums of physical experience (hot to cold, high to low, soft to hard), spectrums of emotion (sadness to happiness, hate to love, anger to joy), and multiple other spectrums I am not readily aware of.  And, this is the big one, at the base of duality is the dualistic premise of whether something exists or does not exist.  “To be, or not to be” is indeed not just the question, but also our sphere’s foundational concept.  All matter and energy either exist or they don’t.  Our thoughts are built on duality.  Our language is built on duality.  Thoughts either exist or they don’t. Words either exist or they don’t.  Existence itself is a dualistic concept.

Now, as I move to the next concept, words fail me since words are based on duality, as are our thoughts.  But I will do the best I can.  Not only our sphere exists, but multitudinous other spheres “exist”, each based on a different premise unrelated to duality and unrelated to existence or non-existence, allowing for different experiences within each of those spheres for Consciousness.

And what comprises these spheres?  ONLY consciousness.  My understanding is that there is a massive consciousness that has divided all or some of itself (and, I know, I am using dualistic language here) into each of these spheres.  In our sphere it further subdivides itself into human souls.  There is no matter or energy within our sphere, only consciousness that has gifted itself with the ability to perceive in a dualistic fashion.  And what tools does it use to perceive?   We have the ability to perceive through five “physical” senses–sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell—and through spectrums of emotions, and more.  Our souls “create” our universe in this fashion.  But we are not actually perceiving something outside of us.  We have no bodies, they are just perceptions created by our five “physical” senses.  But rather we live within a dreamscape created INSIDE us, since we are Consciousness and we are all that is here.  And these spectrums, that allow us to perceive this world and universe, extend outside of the range of our “bodily physical” senses to experience them.  That portion of the spectrums not readily available to our “bodily” senses is available to our souls, and allows our souls to “create” the landscapes of other dimensions, multi-verses, the after life, etc.

The Consciousness that totally comprises us AGREED to be here in this sphere, and agreed to, and actually developed, all the constrictions inherent in this sphere.  This means we, our souls, agreed to be here and to experience duality to its fullest, including the extreme highs and lows of physical existence and emotional existence.

This theory of reality is an amazingly simplistic concept, but so profound in its operation and implications for us as human beings.  I hope this whets your appetite to delve into more concepts in this website, and through your own deepening experience.

To read further into this website, I recommend that you begin by reading “About the reluctant messenger” since it references how various concepts came into being. Then read the entries in the order in which they were added to the website.  Various of the entries will be better understood by having read some of the preceding ones.  The entries are also organized by topic, so that they may be accessed subsequently in that manner.  And you are welcome to ask questions, or make comments.