One of the basic interactions within duality is good vs. evil.  Again, since Consciousness, enveloped by our human souls, is all that is present in this sphere, then both good and evil arise from our human souls.  But how do we create good and evil?  We create good and evil through our emotions.  All of our emotions have spectrums that range from a good emotion on one end of the spectrum to a bad emotion on the other (joy to sadness, trust to disgust, etc.).  In the same way that our ability to perceive through the five senses creates our perception of physical reality, our ability to feel emotionally creates our spectrums of emotions, and resulting groupings of emotions.

Good and Evil have an existence in our common perception in the same way that a mountain range exists in our perception.  And additionally they have a level of sentience, hence I will begin capitalizing Good and Evil.  Perhaps our souls made Good and Evil this way so that they could exert much effect on us, and heighten duality.  The flow of good emotions through us tends to support Good and strengthen it.  The flow of bad emotions through us tends to support Evil and strengthen it.  This strengthening occurs in the same way that the presence of the Eiffel Tower in our common perception is strengthened by the greater number of people aware of its form.  With emotions, it’s the greater number of people experiencing a good emotion along with the frequency of its experience that strengthens Good, and the same for a bad emotion strengthening Evil.

While I have not experienced Good as a separate entity, I have experienced Evil as one.  Until 15 years ago or so, I did not believe that Evil existed.  I could understand each of us having some darkness in our souls, but not the existence of absolute evil.  And then I was brought face-to-face with Evil in two separate instances.

In the first, I was on a ramp entering a freeway.  Due to construction, there was only two-way traffic on the freeway, with no divider in the middle.  I saw a man in a pick-up ahead of me take his eyes off the road, and bend down to pick up something that he had perhaps dropped.  Suddenly there was a tremendous crash as he abruptly swerved into oncoming traffic.  Cars went flying into the median strip.  Traffic was stopped.  Those of us close to the crash got out of our cars, and went to help as best we could.  I stayed by a young girl who had been knocked unconscious and had a broken arm.  A young boy in another car died as the result of the accident.  Another helper near me pointed out the driver who had caused the crash, standing with others about 50 feet away.  His head was down and he looked crestfallen.  About a minute later, I looked back toward him.  He was standing, back straight, head held high in a defiant, proud manner, looking directly at me.  This was not the same man I had just seen, even though it was the same man.  The sense that Evil was present in that man was beyond question.  The cold of his look ran through me.  I looked away, and shortly looked back again at him.  Now again, he was the slump shouldered, crestfallen man.  I believe that Evil was showing itself to me as a separate entity, with pride in what it had done.  It had briefly taken over the body of that man, first in the man’s reaching down for something when he should not have, and secondly in showing its face and essence to me.

In the second, there appeared signs that I wish I had known how to read at the time.  It was late evening, Sept. 9, 2001.  I was standing on a crest of land, looking out in the darkness over an uninhabited valley.  I suddenly saw an explosion in one direction, followed rapidly by another explosion.  But I realized I was seeing via the third eye, and no actual explosions had occurred.  And then I was suddenly struck in the abdomen as if hit by a fist.  I doubled over, and staggered backward.  A voice said to me, “You should not be seeing this!”  That same Evil was present in this voice as was present in the man on the freeway about 5 years earlier.  I could recognize it immediately.  I was confused by why this had occurred, and more than a little shaken.

The next day, Sept. 10, 2001, I was sitting in a field simply enjoying the warm sun of an autumn day.  I suddenly realized I had something between the thumb and finger of my right hand that had meaning and importance.  I looked down, and without being aware of it, had taken a twig and broken it into four equal pieces.   One end of each piece was sticking out from under my thumb.  I looked at the pieces and suddenly realized I was looking at the front ends of four passenger jets.  Within a second, a realized, no, I am looking at four missiles.  Suddenly my hand began to hurt badly as I felt the presence of the same Evil I had experienced the night before.  I threw the twigs down, and shook my hand to rid it of the pain.  Again, I was confused by why this was occurring.

And, of course, then Sept. 11, 2001 happened.  The explosions I had seen 2 nights before were in the direction of New York City and Washington D.C.  Evil had again shown itself to me, and this time showing the magnitude at which it could act.

And what is the upshot of this?  We seem to have a very strong presence of Evil in our perception, an Evil that seems to outweigh the Good in too many ways.  I think one of the reasons for this is that we have developed the capability to do Evil to an extreme.  Have you ever wondered why the maxim is Good vs. Evil, and not Good vs. Bad?  Good would be giving food to the poor.  Bad would be not giving food to the poor.  Evil would be purposefully starving a population.  Our Bad tends too often toward Evil:  Evil as in genocide, slavery, torture, etc.

As the power of Evil has increased, the more seductive it has become, causing it to work more strongly through people. We not only experience emotions, but we can also favor emotions, and promote them within ourselves.  And, unfortunately, we tend to favor negative emotions, particularly anger.  Reality TV shows are successful because they normally show strife between people.  Our news is primarily negative as well, as are our politics.  And these negative emotions can flow through us whether we want them to or not.  How easily are we angered when someone cuts us off in traffic?

Now, taking this a step further, are demons or devils possible?  Just as gods are either created by our souls acting together, or by our egos believing together, to give us solace given the difficult nature of this earthly existence, demons and devils can also be created.  And they are created by our souls wanting to provide the counterpoint to heighten duality, or by our egos out of their fear.  Remember, all that is present in our sphere is Consciousness, broken down into human souls.  Duality expects that the belief in gods requires the existence of devils.  I know this is not what you want to hear.  But these are perceptions created by the human souls’ immense power to perceive, and by the structure duality places on our perceptions.  But we are always more powerful than our perceptions.