I equate Consciousness with GOD, with all CAPITALS.  It is an intelligent, massive existence that we cannot understand due to our very limiting dualistic programming.  However, having been an atheist for 20 years, I can feel my former atheistic self  bristling at the equation, Consciousness = GOD.  So for those of you who are bristling, just drop the GOD overlay, and view Consciousness as “what is.”

But the GOD I speak of is not the God most people think of.  It is not the loving God of the New Testament, it is not the fire and brimstone God of the Old Testament.  Love, anger and retribution are products of duality, and GOD does not exist within the extreme limitations of duality.

But then that begs the question of whether a loving God exists, as so many people can attest to. Or whether a Great Spirit exists?   Or any other of the many God forms believed by humans.  Let’s start from the beginning to answer this one.  All that is in our sphere is Consciousness.  The Consciousness is broken down into human souls, and subsequently egos with attendant bodies.  These human souls perceive their universe.  They are the creators of this universe.

As souls come together to believe in a loving God or a Great Spirit, these perceptions come into being like apparent energy forms, in the same way that a shared belief in a mountain range allows that mountain range to exist in the shared perception as an apparent physical form.  Humans’ belief in their Gods’ existence and focus on them through prayer, etc., literally creates them in the shared perception.  So Christians do have a loving God.  And Native Americans have a Great Spirit.

And what about angels and saints?  Our souls may collectively decide that angels are needed as helpers to humanity, and put them forth into our perception to aid and support us.  Or our egos’ belief in them, because of our own interest or need in having them, may create and bring them into our perception.  Concerning saints, these are former living humans, still existing in the afterlife.  But the powers that we believe they have, create an apparent energy form for each of those saints separate from the beings themselves.  So, it’s not Saint Christopher himself that will protect you in your car, it is the apparent energy form, created by humans, that is named St. Christopher which can potentially provide that protection.  But since that apparent energy form is a perception, the protection actually arises from the ego’s belief that protection will be provided, and the protection flows from the soul to the ego.