One can be a Christian, believing in Jesus as Son of God, and still accept this theory of reality, as one can believe in other great religious figures of other faiths.  I do not want to take a stand that either credits or discredits these great religious figures.  I understand that many people’s religious beliefs are central to their lives on this earth.

What I can say is what I have come to believe.  While all souls are made of the same Consciousness, some are gifted with certain talents and certain tasks that are meant to strongly affect the direction of the human race.  I will use Jesus as an example, since I was raised in the Christian faith, and understand it better than other faiths.  In reading the gospels, it is evident that Jesus came on this earth tasked with teaching love and compassion, and he had extraordinary talents that helped to spread his teachings, including the performance of miracles.

Consciousness gifts, indeed creates, certain souls with these drives and capabilities.  This is done because Consciousness knows what our purpose is, to experience duality, and Consciousness interjects souls at opportune times to bring increased duality, or to correct a situation of too much duality of one type.  I believe Jesus was sent to earth to correct a situation of too much misery being caused to too many people, at a time when humanity should have been coming into a more enlightened state.  While some negative experiences are expected to occur in this sphere, in addition to positive experiences (since we are talking about duality here), a move too far into the negative for too long is not meant to occur.  During Jesus’s time, slavery, torture, malnourishment, and many other negative experiences were too common and long lasting.

Of course, most of these negative human experiences still exist to the current day, in spite of Jesus’s teachings, and are experienced in Christian cultures as well as other cultures.  I believe other souls have been sent in over time to build on Jesus’s teachings, with attempts at raising human interactions and discourse to higher, more positive levels.  These people are not as well known, and did not have religions developed around them.  They also did not have an impact at the level of Jesus and the other great religious figures.

We souls in this sphere are responsible for all that happens here.  We are Consciousness, so Consciousness cannot MAKE us do anything.  It can only try to sway us by introducing souls such as Jesus to try to lead us in a new direction.