Next Steps

With all that exists in our sphere being the result of we human souls and egos perceiving it, the responsibility for what happens in our sphere of existence falls totally on us.  There is no god to save us, or lead us out of our existence.  GOD, that Consciousness that our souls arise from, may send in souls to try to redirect us, but the decision and the work are ours.  We create the hunger and the gluttony; we create the torture and the physical pleasure; we create the hatred and the love; we create the evil and the good.

The most important part of the message that I received is that we have completed our work in this sphere of existence, …, and we need to move on.  And “we” means all human souls.  Again, we are not just going to the afterlife, since the afterlife is a perception of our human souls just as our universe in a product of our souls’ ability to perceive.  We need to leave this whole field of duality and move into Consciousness, releasing all the dualistic programming that has weighted us down and forced us to live in duality in this sphere.

And what happens then?  As our souls step outside of duality, they are in an existence that is totally unrecognizable to us if we egos tried to perceive it.  In fact there is no vehicle of perception, because to perceive or not to perceive is dualistic.  The future is an unknown to us at this point, and totally beyond our current capability to understand even the rudiments of it.  However, our understanding of what is beyond duality can begin to grow.  It will be like peeling away the layers of an onion skin.  In order to near the exit from this sphere, we begin to peel away our dualistic programming bit by bit, and we reach deeper and deeper levels of understanding of what exists outside of the boundaries of our dualistic sphere.

And why is it time for us to leave?  We have lived and perceived duality to the fullest.  And we have developed the evil side of dualism too much.  It isn’t that we failed, it is that we have weighted the dualistic scales too much in one direction.  Climate change is the result of bad choices by humans, and it is forcing our hands.  I believe I was directed to give this message, even though it should have been someone at a later time, because of the imminent threat from climate change.  Part of the evil side of dualism is the denigration of our environment to the point that the future of the human race will experience increasing levels of turbulence and suffering.  It seems we have passed the point of no return with this, and our collective egoic will is not strong enough, or right-minded enough, to confront this.

So we need to move on, out of this sphere of existence.  And it may take years, decades, or perhaps centuries.  But we need to begin now, and the rewards in comprehension will be great as those of us engaged in this endeavor begin to evolve deeper and deeper comprehensions of how our sphere’s programming is constructed and what exists beyond it.

One of the major issues we face–for those of us not so beaten down by illness, war or hunger–is complacency.  For many of us in the more developed countries, we are relatively comfortable, and have come to view the human suffering in other parts of the world, or in our own country, as unfortunate, but something that just happens.  We may give money, or the few of us really good souls give time to try to correct this.  The movement of us to leave this sphere will require most humans to no longer be complacent.  We need to be concerned about the suffering of others, and ultimately the eventual suffering of ourselves and our descendants due to climate change.

This movement out of complacency is key.  We have become way too accustomed to having hunger, killing, torture and all types of extreme malfeasance in this world.  It may take us quite a while, but we have to develop compassion for all.  And that compassion must be strong enough that we are willing to give up our privileged lives (although these will be less privileged as time moves forward) to move out of this sphere of duality.  And those of us who are privileged with peace and our basic needs met must be the ones to lead this, because those experiencing hunger, war and displacement must focus themselves on just simple survival.