Let me start by explaining what I saw when my past life regressions took me to the time before I entered this reality.  I saw a ridiculously simple scene in which human-like forms were lolling around a ruined Greek temple.  I then saw what could have been an endless space with spheres floating in it, each sphere holding dramatically different colors, energies, contents.  I understood the human-like forms to be entities in charge of monitoring and subtly shifting the evolution of the contents in these spheres.

This was all presented to me very simplistically, and I was actually upset that more complexity wasn’t shown me, because I felt I had the capability to understand it.  Well, …., I learned that I didn’t have that capability.  And I subsequently understood why.  Those spheres contained ALL of creation, and I mean ALL.  Everything that we know of our reality —-our planet, our universe with its multiple galaxies, other potential dimensions, multi-verses, everything —- is contained in ONE of those spheres.  And not only that, the afterlife is contained in that sphere as well.  It took me a while to absorb that last statement.  All of our experience as souls is contained in that one sphere.  And our sphere’s sole purview is the experiencing of duality.

I have worked toward getting to the edge of this duality and, while not getting beyond it, I have sensed the enormous constrictions we are under to keep us tied to this duality.  During a past life regression, I saw my “soul” being prepared to come into this sphere.  My form was shown as an upside-down pyramid, a form whose meaning I have yet to unpack.  But my form was weighted down by heavy chain upon heavy chain. The closest analogy I can make for these chains is programming.  We are weighted down by a type of programming that forces us, and our souls, to experience everything within the context of a creation based on duality.

I was initially shown such a simple scene of human-like forms working with many spheres of creation because I can only think in dualistic forms and terms.  There are no human-like forms.  There are no spheres.  These were just representations of a concept that we can barely understand.  This scene is beyond existence or non-existence.  It’s true form is unrecognizable to us in our current constricted state.

Since duality, the purpose of our sphere, is extremely limiting on our souls, we are unable to comprehend, with our dualistic minds, the contents of the other spheres.  But I was shown that their numbers are endless.  While the variation that duality creates in our sphere seems infinite and intoxicating, it is actually a tiny microcosm of the totality of “what is.”  And, I must repeat this, our universe/multi-verses/afterlife contained within our sphere are a tiny portion of what Consciousness produces.

And what is the purpose of all of it?  Being constricted by the duality required in our sphere, we are unable to see this.  Perhaps, as we access deeper and deeper into our souls, and thereby deeper and deeper into Consciousness, we may begin to have a comprehension.  But we are nowhere near that point now.